1. Cars Cars Cars!
    24 Sep, 2018
    Cars Cars Cars!
    Since I live in an automobile loving area, I thought I would try my hand a making some vehicle mosaics. I started with a Jeep, which is a vehicle my husband and I loved. We did many a 4-wheeling trip!  I ordered the base from Build a Cross, which makes many reasonably priced wooden shapes.  Here's how it turned out! How fun is that? It has lots of mirror pieces (I get them from Mosaic Art Supply) and several plates.  Once it was done, I had to make another! Here is my Chevy Pick up, in classic
  2. New turtle mosaic sculpture
    26 Apr, 2018
    New turtle mosaic sculpture
    I am always trying to stretch my skills and learn new techniques. I continue to take classes, meet new people and have fun while learning. This turtle is a result of several online classes I am taking because I really want to make more larger outdoor pieces. Thanks to both Katherine England and Sharra Frank who inspired me to make this mosaic turtle.
  3. New videos to share!
    10 Apr, 2018
    New videos to share!
    Exciting news! I have some new videos to share! Both are about my animal creations. One is a step by step of making my sheep button mosaic.  ​ The other is on YouTube as well, and it is entitled New Critters. Both are fun and hope you enjoy!
  4. the lamb project.. buttons are fun!
    12 Mar, 2018
    the lamb project.. buttons are fun!
    I enjoy finding shapes, usually made of wood. They languish in estate sales, thrift stores and flea markets. No one wants them anymore. Maybe the paint has faded, they are no longer whole or they are downright ugly! None of that matters in a transformation! The link below is to a you tube video I made showing how to put together a button lamb.  Hope you enjoy!
  5. The snowboard transformation
    20 Feb, 2018
    The snowboard transformation
    Recently, the weather was exceptionally warm, inviting outdoor mosaic work! I began a project I had been planning for some months, when I purchased a snowboard from a neighbor's garage sale. After the success of the surfboard, I wanted to try an even larger piece. I chronicled the process in steps and photos on this YouTube page. I hope you will take a look at it! ​
  6. My first surfboard mosaic
    07 Jan, 2018
    The surfboard project
    One of the best part of making repurposed art is FINDING things to re-imagine. I enjoy the hunt. Whether it is a garage sale, yard sale, thrift store, estate sale, I love to look. I do a quick walk around of a place, then zero back to certain things, if something was interesting. On one such hunt I found in a corner of the very last vendor stall in a large thrift store a 3.5 foot tall surf board. It was painted and it was a great wooden shape. Such a find! And $10. SOLD! It went home with me
  7. wind chime for Robert
    01 Jan, 2018
    wind chime for Robert
    What to give someone who is a proud Veteran, rides a motorcycle, plays gold and loves bowling? His own wind chime to hang outside on the deck. Here is the piece. You can see it in the wind chime folder in more detail. Both the giver and the recipient loved it. The top of the chime came from a. thrift store. It is a Beautifully handcrafted wooden motorcycle. The dangles from the wind chime are made of clay bowling pins and a real golf ball. There are American flag  beads which form part of the



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