1. New Vehicles! More mosaic cars, trucks and fun!
    14 Dec, 2018
    New Vehicles! More mosaic cars, trucks and fun!
    The months of November-December have been marked with many new pieces, especially requests by various people. I love doing interesting commissions and these have been very interesting! This was made for a wife of a fireman. Surprise gift for Christmas! 1965 Ford Mustang for a car enthusiast. A gift for a Corvette owner. A request from woman whose deceased husband was an EMT.
  2. Busy week! New pieces to show you!
    13 May, 2018
    Busy week! New pieces to show you!
    What a busy time! That's the way I like it... as the song goes. Just a quick blog note to show you what's been happening in the studio lately! Here goes! The tortoise totem ... I already made a tortoise but there was more to be done on the subject. How about a lady tortoise, with an entourage? Here they are! How fun is that... but wait there's more... 2 dragonflies....  What else...ah, yes... Under construction. Lots! Here's an example. I found this piece of driftwood in Tahoe recently. It
  3. the barnyard series
    06 Apr, 2018
    the barnyard series
    It's been a fun couple of weeks. Lots of new mosaics made. I bought several wooden shapes --- a cow, pig, sheep and a wooden plaque with a horse on it.  The pig is about 5 inches long and the cow is about 8 inches. Neither had a head shape that would work well for me, so I bulked them up with air dry clay. Then each received a button treatment and were mounted on a mosaiced board. How fun are they?



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