1. Turtles! Gotta Make then!
    02 Jun, 2018
    Turtles! Gotta Make then!
    It's been a sculpture time for me! I first started with a single turtle, made from cast concrete, and covered with buttons, tiles and coated with resin.  Next I tried a sculpture using a base of styrofoam. The legs were foam as well. It is interesting to use foam carving tools, and then putting it all together. Covered with concrete, then mosaiced. I have a link to the My second attempt was even more fun than the first one... a totem! Again, the video highlights the second turtle as well.  It
  2. New videos to share!
    10 Apr, 2018
    New videos to share!
    Exciting news! I have some new videos to share! Both are about my animal creations. One is a step by step of making my sheep button mosaic.  ​ The other is on YouTube as well, and it is entitled New Critters. Both are fun and hope you enjoy!
  3. The heart project
    30 Jan, 2018
    The heart project
    I bought 3 heart shapes online. Then each one got a special treatment.  The pink heart. Adorned with buttons and cuteness this one is very bright and pretty. It is covered in clear resin. Best way to cover a mosaic when you have some  The second heart was grouted. I love the use of the plate pattern with the fence, curling around the form.  The third one is different, in that the heart hosts a large planter with cherubs. It is very cute. So I hope that the public will like them and they found a



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