Wind Chimes

I love to create windchimes. They look lovely and sound mellow.
These are not your typical windchimes! Look for glass, of course, but then add recycled jewelry pieces and hand made beads.  Each is uniqe and definitely one of a kind!
  1. Driftwood Wind Chime
  2. Decoy Duck wind chime
  3. Split driftwood wind chime
  4. Chandelier gets new life piece by piece!
  5. Blue pitcher and washbasin get a new life
  6. Wind Chime 1
  7. Close up kitchen wall hanging
  8. A fun kitchen wall hanging
  9. Wind Chime
  10. Tea Pot Wind Chime
  11. Detail of Tea Pot Wind Chime
  12. Elephant Wind Chime, detail
  13. Kitchen Utensil Wind Chime
  14. Kitchen Utensil, detail
  15. Unusual  Wind Chimes
  16. Horn Wind Chime
  17. Shoe Wind Chime
  18. Tea Pot Wind Chime 3
  19. Tea Pot Wind Chime, detail
  20. Shoe Wind Chime 1
  21. House Wind Chime
  22. Side view of ceramic house wind chim
  23. Home Decor and More Consignment
  24. Owl Wind Chime.- At Home Decor and More.
  25. Patriotic Wind Chime
  26. Stone ware wind chime
  27. Musical Windchime with Xylophone chimes
  28. Commission Wind chime
  29. Log Cabin tin wind chime
  30. Close up log cabin tin... nice patina!
  31. Commission: gift for a motorcycle enthusiast
  32. Close up of unique chime
  33. Coffee Pot Wind Chime with Copper Leaves
  34. Pirate wind chime